Launch of CHD Coalition of North Central PA

Welcome to the CHD Coalition of North Central PA! We are very excited to get started and to be available to help those of you and your family who are affected by CHD’s. Our mission is to fundraise for research and family assistance programs, support members, and raise awareness. We are looking forward to hosting some events.

We would like to thank Mike Laub, Executive Director of CHD coalition, for partnering with us to start our own chapter here locally.
We also would like to thank Jill McMahon as treasurer , Cara Gore as secretary, and Randi Means as board member. We appreciate all of your help.

If anyone is interested in becoming part of our chapter or looking for support please feel free to email us at:

Thank you all,
Todd and Jana Walters

CHD Coalition North Central PA, Wilcox, PA 15870, Phone: 814-512-2068, Email: