Fund Research

Innovative research and emerging medical technologies offer an enormous impact on the survival and long-term care of individuals affected by congenital heart defects. Unfortunately, research specific to CHD has been seriously underfunded due to a lack of public recognition. It is the CHD Coalition’s mission to not only directly support research, but also to unify the CHD Community to generate national awareness and ultimately fuel widespread contribution to these programs. Advocacy leads to funding, which advances research, and saves lives.


Collectively to date, the CHD Coalition has granted over $268,000 to carefully-selected research programs led by progressive hospitals across the United States. Institutions that have been awarded grants have included Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York, Icahn School of Medicine, and Boston Children’s Hospital. The CHD Coalition will continue to evaluate studies from the leading institutions that focus on congenital heart defects.


There are no salaried employees at the CHD Coalition. All donations go to research and to continue the CHD Coalition’s various programs. This is a significant differentiator between us and similar organizations. It is imperative that donors evaluate an organization’s commitment to research, not just from their mission statement, but also from the percentage of money given to research compared to the amount paid to their employees.

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