Help Wanted

Are you passionate to make a direct impact to the lives of the families and individuals affected by heart disease?  This organization is only as good as its volunteers.  Your involvement will help continue to provide events and support to the CHD Community, while delivering even more programs for research and awareness.  Together, we are united to make a change.


Volunteering Opportunities

Do you have a background in marketing, media relations, or simply enjoy posting to social media? This can be a fun and rewarding opportunity.

Do you have a passion for writing or journaling? There are many ways that you can contribute your skills.

Join us at one of our events to meet other families from our extensive CHD community while volunteering.

There are so many ways you can help!
Hold an awareness event in your town, organize a small fundraiser, or help distribute flyers to local businesses. Give us a call or email to discuss how you can contribute. 

CHD Coalition, 45 Carey Avenue, Suite 250 #1, Butler, NJ 07405, Phone: (973) 850-6320, Email: