Family Events & Support

You are not alone. We have all been there, and collectively we have endured every phase of the CHD journey. Scared, confused, sad, happy, and hopeful are just some of the many complex emotions we have all experienced. We are here to support and celebrate each other. As a community of Heart Parents and Caregivers, we have children with various CHDs and severities across a wide spectrum of ages. While never a replacement to your doctor’s diagnosis and professional medical care instructions, a community with personal experience with CHD is an invaluable resource for advice and sharing.


But the support does not end at the adults. Unique bonds are created between the children. They develop lifelong friendships. In their own special way, the children and young adults give each other confidence. They learn from each other that they are not the only one with a “second belly button”, a “zipper”, and ultimately understand that they too are not alone.


The CHD Coalition has recurring local social events to bring families together in a safe and fun environment. Adults have the opportunity to meet other parents and caregivers, ask questions, share stories, or just enjoy the day out with their family. The children are able to interact with other CHD Warriors while participating in various activities.


While there are intrinsic benefits to building relationships with other families in person, our extended online network reaches throughout the United States. You are not alone. Do not hesitate to call, email, or Facebook message us.


Turtle Back Zoo Trip
Turtle Back Zoo Trip
Annual Heart Party at Elite Gymnastics
Annual Heart Party
at Elite Gymnastics
SEcor Farms Fall Party
Secor Farms Fall Party
Ceramic Painting Party
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