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Have a heart and lend a hand

How you can make a difference

The CHD Coalition is committed to spreading the message of hope, but we can’t do it without the generous support of volunteers like you. By donating or volunteering, you can change the lives of families and children across the globe.

From everyone at the CHD Coalition and all the lives we touch—thank you.


One of the things that truly sets the CHD Coalition apart is our commitment to research. Unfortunately, research for congenital heart defects has been seriously underfunded due to a lack of widespread awareness.

Make a one-time donation or contribute monthly to help us fund more programs for CHD research and awareness, as well as community support.

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Spreading hope begins with raising awareness. As a volunteer, you can help us inform and educate people about CHD through critical efforts that include:

  • Marketing—Do you have a background in marketing or media relations, or simply enjoy posting to social media? This can be a fun and rewarding opportunity.
  • Writing—Do you have a passion for writing or journaling? There are many ways your skills can make an impact.
  • Outreach—Volunteer at one of our events and meet other families from our extensive CHD community.

Fill out the volunteer form to tell us how you’d like to volunteer.

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Want to make a difference

but still not sure how?

There are so many other ways to lend a hand! You can hold a CHD awareness event in your town, organize or sponsor a fundraiser, donate prizes or gift certificates, or distribute flyers to local businesses—just to name a few.

Email us at [email protected] or call (973) 850-6320 to discuss how you can play a part in bringing hope to families and children everywhere.