We are extremely excited to announce the recipients of the 2016 CHD Coalition Research Grants. Thanks to the overwhelming support of our members, their families, friends and our local communities, we were able to double last year’s donation for a total of $100K towards life saving research. After careful analysis and much discussion by the Research Committee, the following 2 projects were recommended and approved for funding by the CHD Coalition Board of Directors.

Valve Prosthesis with Growth – Columbia University Medical Center
Funded $50K

The objective of this research proposal is to produce and evaluate a prototype of an innovative non-biological mechanically-engineered valved prosthesis which could grow with time, avoiding multiple reoperations in children and adults with CHDs and improving their quality of life. Such a new generation of valved device would be based on a mechanical disruptive concept, never used before in currently available valve prosthesis. If successful, such a device could have a significant impact on the quality of life by avoiding surgery and saving lives, as well as a positive impact to financial, emotional and social aspects related to valve replacement.

Molecular signals involved in the growth and development of systemic-pulmonary arterial collateral vessels – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Funding $50,162.32

Children with forms of single ventricle heart disease are known to be at significantly higher risk for a number of complications and shortened lifespan. One particular problem unique to children with single ventricle heart disease is the development of systemic-pulmonary arterial collateral flow. This study will help to better understand the causes of collateral vessel formation; it may be possible to develop a specific drug therapy that reduces collateral formation and potentially improve the quality of life for children with single ventricle heart disease.

More about the selection process: A total of 7 applications were received by top institutions who perform CHD related research in the North Eastern United States. The CHD Coalition’s Research Grant Committee — comprised of CHD Board Members, cardiologists, a pediatric cardiology nurse, parents of children with CHDs and a CHD warrior — performed a multi-staged review process.

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